Green Meadows Hole Photos

Holes 5 through 8

Hole 5: Par 5

  • Mens Handicap:  9
  • Ladies Handicap:  4
  • Yardage:  517 / 506 / 468 / 403

This dogleg right par 5 plays slightly uphill for the first half of the hole and then moves downhill and to the right as you approach the green, which slopes away from the player from front toward the back.  Be careful with your club selection on your approach to the green to ensure that you don't go too far over the putting surface.

Hole 6: Par 3

  • Mens Handicap:  4
  • Ladies Handicap:  11
  • Yardage:  173 / 165 / 155 / 105

The first par 3 on the course is a challenge, playing significantly uphill to an elevated green.  Take an extra club or two to reach the putting surface of this hole that is more difficult than the yardage might suggest.

Hole 7: Par 4

  • Mens Handicap:  1
  • Ladies Handicap:  3
  • Yardage:  438 / 417 / 357 / 307

The number one handicap hole for men, and number 3 handicap hole for women, the seventh at Green Meadows requires each shot to be well-played.  The dogleg-left hole is uphill to the corner of the dogleg with a dense copse of trees along the left-hand side of the fairway.  Bring your A-game to this one!

Hole 8: Par 4

  • Mens Handicap:  14
  • Ladies Handicap:  16
  • Yardage:  267 / 258 / 246 / 242

A short, strategic par 4 that may be driveable for many players.  But if you go for it, watch out for the trees that loom on both sides of the fairway, the downslope for the last 50 yards of the hole, and the huge bunker all along the right-hand side of the approach to the green.  Bold play might result in a good score, but a big number is also a possibility for the unwary player.